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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still available

We have 2 solid liver males and 1 ticked male still available from this litter whelped December 2008.

They all display their sires natural retrieving ability and his love of water work. It also appears that they have his high drive.
Here is the sire Mojo at work

They got their soft mouth and bidability from their dam. It should prove to be a winning combination for the serious hunter.
Here is their dam keeping the wife happy

For a 5 generation pedigree on these pups visit http://pawvillage.com/pedigree/pedigree.asp?ID=1H2GSMFMTT

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wyatt is still available to the right home.

Meet the sire of this litter Mojo... He is a natural at retrieving and water work. If you hit it he will find it and bring it to hand.

More pictures to follow.

Are GSP good with kids?

We are often asked that and we always say that depends on the kids.

This past weekend we were out doing some yard work and had Jesse with us to 'help'. When this love fest occurred

Also Reece made his first attempt at stacking one of the dogs. Neither Jesse or Reece really knew what they were doing so not even close to a good shot but very cute if I do say so myself.

For now Jesse is staying here but if the right competition home was available we would let him go.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I always warn people who contact us after a beloved old dog passes away that there will never be another 'just like them' no matter how much they want that to be true. And in my head I know that is the case and I know that it is unfair to the new dog to put those very unrealisitc expectations on them.

So when Jay called me today from work and said it's scary, very very scary I thought he had lost it. Ok I often think that so it wasn't anything new. And then these arrived...

No these are not the same dog years apart but Larkin the fairly recent addition to our house who is co-owned by her Breeder and more importantly our friend Heather Brennan. She goes back on the maternal line to my beloved Sage AKA The Grumpy Granny who is pictured below. I had been seeing similarities since she arrived in how Larkin carried herself or did everything full speed ahead. I especially see it when Larkin is on birds but until these photos arrived I didn't see the physical similarity and yes it is scary but in a good way. Will Larkin go on to fill those mighty big paw prints Grumpy left - only time will tell and even if she doesn't it's nice to have a little piece of the old girl back under foot and in my life. Thanks just doesn't seem to cover how I - no WE - feel Heather but it will have to do...

Note we do still have a couple of solid liver boys available as well as Rae the solid liver girl. Registered names have changed somewhat from what we thought we were going with listed on photos below. I'll try to have new photos of them up tomorrow.