Come on in and sit a while... Spend some time catching up with us and hopefully leave with a smile.

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Besides taking without asking is stealing...we don't steal yours please don't steal ours.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Taste of Christmas...

I'll post more later but for now I just have to share my favorite photo from Christmas and one of my presents.

Thank you to Stacy Julian for posting about this gorgeous bracelet on her blog (link on side bar). The picture does not do it justice!

I love this picture of my 2 guys wearing their Christmas hats... Thanks Missy for making Reece his (he never keeps hats on but we have a hard time getting this one off him) and I may steal Jay's bronco hat as it is way cool.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I have...

...the most wonderful husband in the world! So I've been hinting, and not too subtly, that I really wanted to take Wendy Smedley's class at BPS (link on sidebar)and tonight Jay signed me up for it.

I usually would be hesitant to spend that much on an online class as I tend to fall off the wagon so to speak but I know I have at least the cost of the class 'lost' in my scraproom waiting to be rediscovered or passed on to someone that will love it as it deserves.

Now I can't wait to get started...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puppy Pictures...

Ok so these aren't the greatest photos I've ever been involved with but considering the pups are only 2 wks I figured I'd cut them some slack

I'll upload the rest in the morning but for now here are the black ribbon boy

Solid liver girl

and Ersehnen Good To Go currently being called GT

I'll also post Christmas pictures shortly as well as the final present I made.


Added at 8:27 am

Orange Boy

Ticked Male - large blaze

Purple Boy

Yellow Boy

uploaded 10:32 am

Pink - Ticked Girl

Red - Ersehnen Grande Mocha

Red - Ticked Boy

Green Boy

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's over...

for another year. Funny how all the weeks of lead up culminate in what is really rather a let down. Don't get me wrong I love it and would only change the commercialism of it all but still - it is kind of a let down to your system isnt' it?

We got a Wii this year, I said I'd never allow a video game in the house but man is this F-U-N! Reece loves golf and bowling and although he needs someone to help him hold all the right buttons down at the moment enjoys playing. Jay has been getting 'killed' by some very mean animals while hunting and I feel so bad for him as he had stuck with it and made great progress but it was all lost in a moment when another player got saved over his profile... Even I who usually says it's just a game! could feel his pain. I'm still looking for the game that will make it hard to put down the controller but maybe it's a good thing I haven't found it LOL The Wii came compliments of Mom & Dad, Uncle Gary & Aunt Marlene and us all chipping in a 1/3 for the system and various extras.

Because there was a big purchase for a gift - it was kind of sparse under the tree number wise but you would never have known it by Reece's reaction.

We have family over for Christmas Eve then spend Christmas Day just relazing in our jammies, enjoying our new stuff and each other.

Hope you all had a great day with family and friends experiencing the true reason for the season.

Psst - puppy eyes are opening so check back soon for pictures.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


that is what both Jay and I are feeling today. As of 1 this afternoon we closed on the Refinance of the house. It seems like it took forever and it seems like we had a gazillion hoops to jump through but all in all it is so worth it. We ended up getting 5% interest which is almost 3% points lower than we were and even though we took cash out our payments are almost the same.

I have started cleaning my stash of scrapping stuff in preparation of reading my present from Santa - The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey (see the side bar for links to Wendy's blog and Big Picture Scrapbooking who is offering a class by Wendy starting in January). I hope now that we have freed up a bit of cash I can sneak in the cost of the course to the budget as I so need someone to walk me through it. Funny how some of us (read me) hold on to things that have no meaning and we will never use just because we paid for them so they must not be wasted. Aren't they being wasted by being stuck in the bottom of a drawer never being used?

Anyway I have one more present to upload but I have to wait as the recipient is waiting to open it until Christmas day - the nerve of some people.... You know who you are Missy! Hugs to you and Max.

Well off to see if I can get an update on the BSU bowl game - GO BRONCOS!!! Fingers crossed here for them to have yet another undefeated season.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Awesome Album

A friend sent the link to this blog and I just had to share it. Leah Killian has made the most awesome album I've seen in a long time and is having a fantabulous giveaway. Go check it out now...why are you still here? http://lifeaslou.blogsome.com/2008/12/20/christmas-mini-album-pages-6-7-plus-150-give-a-way/ bare with me and copy this URL to your browser as it is so worth it.

Off to figure out why I can't get this to be an active link...

178 days and counting...

Ok I should be sitting here excited that it FINALLY looks like we are going to close on the refi (saving almost 3% points) but no I'm looking into the future. June 18-20to be exact and the awesome MemoryWorks Retreat - YEAH!!!!!!!!

To find out more about this awesome event and how you could attend visit www.memory-works.com or contact me directly.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

13 years ago...

Yesterday was a joyful and hard day all at the same time as it marked the 13th birthday of my first litter at Ersehnen. I am happy to report that I am still in touch with 3 owners of pups from this litter and they are doing well - a little slower but well. Tempering this joy was the fact that my boy from this litter is no longer with me. Andy, you can see him in the header, was the love of my life and he left some mighty big paw prints to fill. He was my constant companion, confidante, and protector. Jay took him out hunting pheasants - 9 yr old Andy's first time out on birds - they got one which Andy kind of retrieved. But what made the trip memorable for Jay was Andy telling him off for not shooting the ducks flying over head. Andy would look up at the ducks, look at Jay bark then back at the ducks all the while Jay was trying to explain that the ducks were too high and out of range. I wish I had a picture of that as I can just see the expression on the Old Man's face during this exchange. He was a handful but it was because he was too intelligent for his own good. Andy got bored quickly so made up his own rules to the game. It was a given that once every show weekend I would walk into the ring with the class clown on the end of the lead and he would do his darnedest to not get it right. There was one set of shows that had someone ringside who had seen Andy at his best and worst for over the years and they sat by an old GSP man who commented 'shame that woman didn't train that dog cause he could have gone far'. Come back tomorrow and watch was the only response. That day Andy had fought me tooth and nail, acted like he hadn't been on lead before but still managed to win breed and a Group 2. The next day I could have sat ringside as Andy never put a foot wrong and I didn't have to lay a hand on him the entire time - he started moving when the judge told us to 'go 'round' without any cue from me. He again won breed but this time got a Group 1. The gentleman from the first day shook his head and simply stated 'oh he's one of THOSE' and smiled. He certainly was one of 'THOSE' and I loved every minute of it.

December 20, 1995 - a day that changed my life in more ways than I ever thought possible. Happy Birthday Frankie, Joker and Tego!! May you have many more with your devoted owners.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay

44 years ago today the most caring and loving individual I know was born. He grew into an awesome father, husband and friend. I am still not sure what I've done to deserve having this wonderful man in my life but I do. Don't get me wrong things are not always smooth sailing - like everyone we have our disagreements but the good days FAR outnumber any not so good ones.

Watching Reece carry Daddy's present and card to him this morning melted my heart (and that took something with the storm that moved in over night). There before me were the two most important men in my life - sorry Dad - and the love between them was palatable.

I am the luckiest woman alive because I have you in my life. You have made me a better person and I can't imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for being YOU!

I took pictures but don't have time this morning to upload them - check back this afternoon...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since I know many of you are awaiting puppy pictures. Here is one of the ticked kids to tide you over until we get them all up :)

OOPS I forgot to rotate the clock...the ducks will be 'swimming along the bottom of it' so no worry about them falling off The clock doesn't have the face put on or the clock works attached but I thought I'd share. The clock base is from Oriental Trading and the paper from PapersBest - The Passing Storm by artist Ron Van Gilder. It is still curing so I can't finish it until Saturday due to commitments tomorrow elsehwere.

Here is the 5th comp book from yesterday. Again Scrapworks paper was used from the Florabella line - Ginny was used for the spine and honestly I can't find my notes so can't be more exact than Florabella line for the cover. Again inked with Walnut Stain and the tag from My Mind's Eye with the brad from Making Memories. Also there are 3 'gems' on the cover from my stash - I think they were from the JoAnn's line.


to borrow Rachael Ray's signature phrase... I get email updates from her site and a while back one with cookie recipes came immediately I gravitated towards Penny's PB&J cookies - I mean HELLO! peanut butter and jam in one cookie topped with peanut butter icing. I've died and gone to heaven!

I made them last night cause trying to finish the clock I'm making, keeping Reece up to watch Muppet's Letter to Santa and putting up the tree just wasn't enough They are a little frustrating as the dough is very soft so sticks to everything. I popped it in the firdge between pans to firm it up just a little. I didn't have my favorite raspberry jam so used Jay's sugerless Blackberry but WOW... Now you *must* let them cool before removing from the sheet to the rack (that step was left out) but no problem here I got them cool in 2 mins by placing them outside. I also abandoned the ziplock bag turned piping bag but I think it was user error that made it not work correctly. I used one of Reece's medication syringes which worked the charm.

So without further ado if you want to make some of these yummy treats http://www.rachaelraymag.com/content/printContent.do?urlName=pennys-pbj-cookies

The clock just got a coat of modpodge so the picture of it will follow later today along with a puppy pic or two.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm officially on a roll...

Yesterday I finally got the altered composition books finished. I thought I'd share 4 of them with you.

The first is done using Chatterbox paper (I love double sided paper as you never need to worry about coordinating...) Sittng Flowers for the covers and the spine is the reverse side of it. The tag is from My Mind's Eye and the fuzzy brad from Making Memories. I added Stickles in diamond to the center of each flower. I inked the book edges using Distress Ink from Tim Holtz in walnut stain. Remember the spine of the original book is black so you need to ink with something dark enough to not show any imperfections in your paper cutting ;)

This cover is done using Scrapworks Florabella Sketchbook and the spine is Chatterbox Sitting Flowers. The 'My Journal' title card - see you don't have to use things as they were originally intended :) - is from My Mind's Eye and again the book edges are inked with the Walnut Stain. I used Stickles on some of the flowers for interest. I love this paper...

Scrapworks Florabella Ginny was used on the spine and Florabella Ringaround was used on the cover. The 'All About Me' title card is from My Mind's Eye. Stickles on every other row of flowers. Edges inked with walnut stain also.

Another paper I love... Cover is Igloo Blossoms by Chatterbox and the spine is Florabella Ginny by Scrapworks. Flower is from My Mind's Eye and it has Stickles Diamond on some of the brown inner design.

I did do one other but the picture didn't turn out so it will need to wait until later today.

I'll admit these are very basic as I totally spaced on the need for them by the end of this week... You can dress them up with 'latches' to hold them closed, pen holders, and attached book marks. Maybe I'll do some of those up when I have a few minutes just to have on hand.

Now I only have the altered clock to do and then I am officially done.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Next week...really?

This morning I sat down here with a calendar hanging in front of me and realized Christmas was next Thursday and I don't care... Now don't get me wrong I care a great deal about the true meaning of the season but just to my left sit my Christmas cards yet to be addressed, several partially finished presents, and decorations for the yet to be bought tree and yet I don't care.

We are having guests for Christmas Eve dinner complete with spiral cut ham, scalloped potatoes, and all the assorted trimmings. That reminds me I need to bake cookies etc this weekend. We have gone over our gift list and picked out things each person on it will enjoy but the undertone of excitement isn't there this time round.

Could it be that for the last 2 years there has been a loss in Jay's family during the holidays? His emergency surgery last year? Or that my parents missed coming in October like they usually do and it looks like Christmas isn't going to happen either due to the weather?

I don't know the cause and likely never will but I am very grateful that Reece could care less about the whole strange man in the red suit thing as long as there are boxes to play with on Christmas morning...yeah he still enjoys taking things out and putting things in the boxes more than the stuff in them for the most part. How I wish I still had that enjoyment of the simple things...


Monday, December 15, 2008

One down...

This was made using a Creative Imaginations frame covered in Basic Grey Oh Baby! Boy paper (Zachary, Dawson & Brigham to be exact), We R Memory Keepers ribbon & metal letters, and from my stash - orange frazzle, flowers, brads and the 'all boy' tag. The edges were inked with Marigold from ColorBox.

The colors are a little off but I am very happy with the finished project and wanted to share it since I've not done one creative thing on here since I started. Now to finish the 5 others on my list...

Happy Family...

First let me apologize for not getting back to those of you who called while I was sleeping. I forgot how exhausting pulling an all nighter was. I have uncovered my scrap table (again) and will be working on those gifts I've been talking about and when done will be posting some of them here. Now to get some much needed coffee and pull paper for my projects :)

I am always touched by a family photo and this one is no exception :)

Here are two having a light snack...

Can you find the 'hidden' puppy? There are 2 in this shot with Asa.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


that is the mode we are in here. After the marathon whelping of the 11 we spent most of yesterday just vegging on the couch or catching a nap in the whelping room (which is actually our bed room). Not much else got done around here so today I am doing laundry, mopping floors, and doing dishes. Oh the joy!

The promised picutres will be up later today - I suck at Photoshop and most of these need to be lightened so you can actually see anything.

In the mean time I have to get to work on a couple of presents I am making for friends/family. Neither is particularly difficult but they both need drying time so I have to find 2 large places to lay them that will be undisturbed for the next 24 hrs.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 and counting...

1:49 AM
Asa has currently presented us with 5 puppies - 1 ticked girl, 1 ticked boy and the rest solid boys.

Pictures being taken but I haven't had a chance to upload them yet.

4:35 AM

There are now 3 more - 1 ticked boy, 1 solid boy and 1 solid girl. This brings our total to 8.

All are doing well and Asa is handling it all like a pro. Now if I could only get some sleep as I've been up since 5 yesterday morning...

5:40 AM

And then there were 9. At least she waited until I was out of the shower to have (what I hope is the last) solid liver boy. Yes you read that correctly 7 boys and 2 girls!

Off to get some much needed coffee as Reece is now awake so until Jay gets some sleep and can take over I'm up with him. Now I remember why we don't have litters often - I'm way too old for this much sleep deprivation ;)

8:48 AM

Last but not least another ticked puppy was born. Asa kindly produced what we had been asking for most of the night - a girl! I have already given her one of my favorite names Ersehnen Good To Go. At this point it may not stick but for now it fits.

9:28 AM

ARGH another boy...solid. Can she be done now??? 11 puppies over rougly 11 hrs now wonder I'm exhausted and Asa is sleeping

Friday, December 12, 2008

Well there go my plans...

Asa has started labor so my plans for the day have changed - and I couldn't be happier :)

Yesterday Jay got a really good shot of a Cooper's hawk, I thought it was a Sharpshinned but was gently corrected again, getting frustrated because it could see the pheasants but couldn't get at them.

I don't mind Jay telling me when I get an identification wrong as he is so patient about it but it does get kind of old having the biologist come out in him. His only other annoying habit is when he is watching a movie or TV show and identifies each gun and then tells me how it couldn't do what they are doing with it. Who CARES it's mindless drivel...

Ok now my fantastic news - I am pre-registered for the most AWESOME 3 days in the world. The flyers came out yesterday and I had it printed and faxed off immediately - I left Jay on the roof while doing it and didn't hear him calling or stomping or asking for the ladder which I moved so I could get back in the house... But it's all good or will be once he holds the first puppy my transgression will be forgotten (I hope).

I can't leave Reece out today as he has been using a straw really well at therapy all week so they send home the same type as he is all about things being the same. I put it in his milk last night he looks it over carefully and then takes a huge mouthful and just as I am doing the happy dance at sucess...he spits it all back down the straw. Now you and I know it doesn't work that way when you also open your mouth but he hasn't figured that out yet. So there was milk everywhere. Back to the drawing board.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The countdown has started...

no not to Christmas - to the best 3 days a married woman can have and still stay married... The MemoryWorks Retreat June 18 - June 20, 2009 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. I went to the first one last year and had the best roomies but more than that I was pampered beyond belief by the MemoryWorks Home Office staff. Amber and Kevin are THE BEST, bar none, to work with and they know how to throw a party cause that's what Retreat was a huge slumber party with goodie bags every time you entered a room and a chocolate fountain at the crop the last night. Here is a picture of all the goodies we brought home just from Retreat...

Keep in mind Layton is also in the heart of scrapping country - I also attended the My Mind's Eye wareshouse sale (let's not discuss that), Robert's, Hobby Lobby and we are walking distance to the Layton Mall. The Aveo was filled to overflowing on the way back. This year I'm going to try to behave and only make a side trip to Ikea - hey at least I'm not taking the trailer there ;)

So 189 days to go to the ultimate in pampering and enjoyment by some of the most awesome people in the world! Think it's too early to start packing?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check this out and Refi Saga Continues

You simply have to check out this site... I am still trying to figure out how to add it permenantly in the bar on the right but for now this will do...

We are trying to refinance our house as we could easily save 1.5% on the interest if not more. So the appraiser finally comes out last week and says it's current value is $40,000 more than we paid for it - GREAT refi here we come :) Not so fast we need to repaint it first... HELLO it's December and all paint manufacturers clearly state not to paint if temps are below 45 degrees F. It's DECEMBER - need I say more. So we go buy the paint and slap it on knowing it won't last but we want this wrapped up as soon as possible. We picked Brazilian Tan for the house proper and Chocolate Indulgence for the trim. We are very happy with the color of the house but for now are just painting the trim the same color as it needs to be done quickly. Fingers crossed the hideous green will be covered by tan...

Some of our pheasants...

Do not hang up...

come on are you kidding me? The phone ran yesterday and this was the first thing the 'caller' (it was actually one of those automated things) said - not who they were or what they wanted but DO NOT HANG UP. So of course I immediately did. Do companies or charities not realize that a) those automated things are annoying beyond belief, b) that calling at meal times is inappropriate and c) that we are on the do not call list.

As you can tell my head didn't actually explode yesterday so you're stuck with me :) I have a couple of things that must get done this week and not much of it was actually accomplished yesterday due to feeling worse everytime I tried to move. But today is a better day...

I hope to get to my nephew's Christmas present this weekend so it is out of the way. I also want to get some of the others wrapped so I have one less thing to worry about.

Here is the fat dog picture

and a couple of Reece's face...he fell at therapy on Monday and he got a couple of good scraps on his noggin. Poor kid because being a scrapper means I will take shots of things like this and immortalize them. The first picture was taken monday when it happened and the other this morning while he was having a shower...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The day my head exploded...

Ok day 2 of blogging and it was almost a deal breaker. I woke up with a migraine and am trying to just be functional. So far it's not happening... Off to try to get Reece his meds without getting them all over him in the process. You would think they could make flagyl taste less horrid wouldn't you?

Oh and puppy watch has officially started. Asa is a blimp, I'll try to get a picture of her later today, and having trouble getting comfy.

I have been remiss in telling everyone the handsome boy in the title block is my beloved Andy - Am Can Ch Ersehnen The A Thing on his registration papers. We lost Andy way too soon - he was only 10 1/2 yrs old. There isn't a day that goes by I don't think the silly old man would have enjoyed that... Like the pheasants now in residence, or Reece tossing balls to Andy's grandson or that really crunchy piece of skin off the turkey...

The only fault a dog has is that they have a much shorter life span than the humans who are devoted to them.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Here we go again...

Because I simply don't have enough to do I am starting to blog again...I say again but I'm not sure that 2 posts back in 2006 and then nothing counts LOL

Just to bring you up to date Reece just turned 6 last month - where the heck has the time gone? We had some issues with his Resource Room teacher which the school and school district were not able/willing to correct so he is being home schooled. We are still working on our schedule but everyone is much happier with this arrangement.