Come on in and sit a while... Spend some time catching up with us and hopefully leave with a smile.

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Besides taking without asking is stealing...we don't steal yours please don't steal ours.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still available

We have 2 solid liver males and 1 ticked male still available from this litter whelped December 2008.

They all display their sires natural retrieving ability and his love of water work. It also appears that they have his high drive.
Here is the sire Mojo at work

They got their soft mouth and bidability from their dam. It should prove to be a winning combination for the serious hunter.
Here is their dam keeping the wife happy

For a 5 generation pedigree on these pups visit http://pawvillage.com/pedigree/pedigree.asp?ID=1H2GSMFMTT

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wyatt is still available to the right home.

Meet the sire of this litter Mojo... He is a natural at retrieving and water work. If you hit it he will find it and bring it to hand.

More pictures to follow.

Are GSP good with kids?

We are often asked that and we always say that depends on the kids.

This past weekend we were out doing some yard work and had Jesse with us to 'help'. When this love fest occurred

Also Reece made his first attempt at stacking one of the dogs. Neither Jesse or Reece really knew what they were doing so not even close to a good shot but very cute if I do say so myself.

For now Jesse is staying here but if the right competition home was available we would let him go.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I always warn people who contact us after a beloved old dog passes away that there will never be another 'just like them' no matter how much they want that to be true. And in my head I know that is the case and I know that it is unfair to the new dog to put those very unrealisitc expectations on them.

So when Jay called me today from work and said it's scary, very very scary I thought he had lost it. Ok I often think that so it wasn't anything new. And then these arrived...

No these are not the same dog years apart but Larkin the fairly recent addition to our house who is co-owned by her Breeder and more importantly our friend Heather Brennan. She goes back on the maternal line to my beloved Sage AKA The Grumpy Granny who is pictured below. I had been seeing similarities since she arrived in how Larkin carried herself or did everything full speed ahead. I especially see it when Larkin is on birds but until these photos arrived I didn't see the physical similarity and yes it is scary but in a good way. Will Larkin go on to fill those mighty big paw prints Grumpy left - only time will tell and even if she doesn't it's nice to have a little piece of the old girl back under foot and in my life. Thanks just doesn't seem to cover how I - no WE - feel Heather but it will have to do...

Note we do still have a couple of solid liver boys available as well as Rae the solid liver girl. Registered names have changed somewhat from what we thought we were going with listed on photos below. I'll try to have new photos of them up tomorrow.

Monday, March 23, 2009


ain't it great? Last Tuesday I thought all my computer/online issues would be fixed when we got our satellite internet connection. It lasted less than 24 hours. The modem died (they have to order a replacement) but all is not lost as I still have dial up... WRONG they removed my dial up info 'cause you won't need that any more' - right! I finally get it back up and running and the desk top that has threatened to die coughs and sputters and pretty much does die. I can go and open files etc just don't try to do more than look at anything. Oh and the best part the laptop was in DC with my husband.

So I am kind of back up and running but I can't get my email to down load on the laptop so if you are trying to reach me/us bruneaugsp@hotmail.com is the best option at the moment.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Technical Difficulties

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry... If I am remembering my literature correctly this is by Robbie Burns and truer words were still never spoken.

So we have this wonderful new camera and it is taking lovely pictures BUT they are still on the camera as our desktop is refusing to 'speak' to it - sigh! Hopefully by this evening it will all have been sorted out and pictures will follow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Started...

The puppies have started to leave for their new homes and it's starting to get back to normal here. We do still have a couple of puppies needing homes so if you like solid liver give us a shout. Once I find the most recent pictures I'll get them uploaded.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Where has time gone?

I am not sure how the last couple of weeks seems to have totally passed me by but it has... I promised to link to a wonderful blog Patiodaddio BBQ and I have been remiss. Bad Betty - 50 lashes with a wet noodle!

Anyway better late than never right? So if you love BBQ and want some great tips and insight stop by and say hi to John.

I have to get some new pictures of the progress on the scraproom and the results of our puppy's bird introduction up. I promise that will be forthcoming shortly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

You Could WIN!!!

If you don't know what CHA is think huge launch of cutting edge products for your favorite hobby then multiply that by 1000 LOL

This time of year I stalk, I mean really really STALK the Making Memories blog. They are a hoot to follow as they journey through the day and they have AWESOME give aways! So if you haven't already been there what are you waiting for?

Oh and also in the side bar are several other industry greats who could also be offering tidbits for those of us stuck at home...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pupdate 2

After a lovely visit from the Great White North and battling headaches for 2 days which then turned into a migraine I'm back. But the best part is I'm back with puppy pictures... So without further ado here are the 5 weeks pictures:

Good 2 Go - girl

Good Vibrations - girl

Grand Adventure - girl

Gun 4 Hire - boy

Grand Gesture - boy

Grande Mocha - boy

Grouse Ridge - boy

Gr8 Expectations - boy

Gunning 4 You - boy

Get Your Gun - boy

Get It Done - boy

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nothing SIMPLE about it...

Yesterday I learned of the passing of a friend - well at least that is how is feels. You know the kind of kick in the gut that knocks you off your feet and leaves you lying there dazed and confused.

I have admitted that I kind of stalk Stacy Julian founder of Simple Scrapbooks and author/teacher extraordinare so when she alluded to getting some bad news there was concern. Yeah I only met her in passing last year at the MemoryWorks Retreat but I felt like I knew her. You see when I started scrapping I had people try to 'help' me by wanting me to put more stuff on my pages and I let them cause what did I know. And then I picked up an issue of Simple Scrapbooks and learned what I wanted to do was OK - really really OK. Letting my photos and their stories shine through my simple pages wasn't a bad thing I mean they had a whole magazine telling me this.

Through the years I've read it, subscribed to it and cherished it and all involved with it (just look at the blogs I follow many have some connection to Simple). I embraced my 'simpleness' and ran with it. I can acknowledge the beauty of some of the more elaborate LOs in some other mags but I always wonder is there a photo and story in amoung that stuff?

Yesterday it was announced that Simple Scrapbooks as we know it will cease publication as we know it with the May/June issue. There have been assurances that Creating Keepsakes will embrace Simple and make it a part of them but honestly I have rarely picked up an issue of CK as it seems to be all about the stuff and although I am sure they will try I am not holding my breath that it will be done in a manner that makes me want to lay out $$ for it.

So last night and today I, and many many others, am mouring the passing of a friend who knew who I was and loved me anyway. Who was not afraid to stand up and in this busy world full of stuff say SIMPLE is OK! Who led many scrappers, newcomers and some not so new alike, down a road of embracing who they are and being OK with telling their stories without all the 'stuff' - showing us that the bells and whistles could come from inside of us through our journaling.

Simply put there was nothing SIMPLE about Simple Scrapbooks.

I wish all the best to all who are involved with Simple Scrapbooks in the new ventures that lay before them and I take some solace in the fact that we still have Big Picture Scrapbooking to enrich our lives and help us embrace our 'simpleness'.

Jay suggested I pick up a couple of extra copies of the last few issues - I think I may just do that and frame them to hang in my scrap room for that one last bit of SIMPLE inspiration.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

People we LOVE...

Sunday night I did a layout (LO) for my Get Organized Be Inspired class. It was just going to be a easy LO as I just needed to get it done. And then it happened I caught a glimpse of something my Aunt Marlene sent me and the flood gates of emotion hit me. I have lived in a different country than my family since I married Jay, which isn't a bad thing but it's sometimes not an easy thing. Like last November when my Great Aunt Mary passed away.

I'll be honest we are just not in a place financially that one of us can pick up and fly anywhere - it needs lots of planning and saving. We are doing ok everything is paid on time and we have very good credit scores but we just don't currently have a lot of extra cash laying around. If you do and want to send me some feel free - I kill me

But I digress... So as I was thinking what pictures do I have that I can just slap on a page and get this assignment done as I had a million things running through my head and none of them were about scrapping. Then I saw the handout from Aunt Mary's funeral (thank you Aunt Marlene for sending it and yes I know I owe you a thank you card - bad niece very bad niece) and I was struck by emotions that I hadn't allowed to surface when she passed. Emotions that would have made Jay feel guilty about 'taking me away from my family' that there would have been no reason for him to feel. For years each Christmas was filled with all the Great Aunts & Uncles all the way down to me and my cousins. It was a time where you sometimes wondered 'what do I need to do to have a minute to myself' as the house we were at was full to overflowing. There was laughter in every corner and more love than one house could hold.

We used to play bridge for the older ones and games for the young ones. And the teasing! I used to tell Aunt Mary she wasn't such a great Aunt an ok one maybe but great - I think not... She feign being hurt and then burst into laughter all the while trying to not get me to bid 3 no trump. She made great thin bread and had a smile that could light the room. And not one of these memories did I share with anyone while she was living.

I read a poem years ago in one of the little cook books local churches put out that started 'why do we wait until they're gone before we tell their worth' it was true then and it is true now. We wait until someone is lost to us to tell them how much they mean to us and we need to stop it. Don't think that they know, don't assume that it doesn't need to be said, DON'T wait until you are holding the little pamphlet of their lives at their funeral (or months later) to realize you didn't do it. Pick up the phone and tell them better yet sit down and write a letter sharing what they mean to you, how they enrich your life. Do it now. Do it today because tomorrow may never come.

It may not be an elaborate LO as far as embellishments go but it is full of the same love that the house was all those Christmases ago...

Thank you to Becky Fleck of Page Maps (May 2007) for the design inspiration. I used Basic Grey Boxer Line paper and embellishments and to hold in the pamphlet I use a My Mind's Eye overlay.

Thank you Wendy Smedley for making me remember happy times and what I lost. This folks is why I scrapbook (ok not the crying part so much...)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Organized Be Inspired Week 2

Ok so I'll admit I underestimated how hard these first couple of weeks would be. I mean really all we are doing is trying to find our process so we can get to the 'real' work of organizing next month.

I now know that I never really had much of a process - I jump all over the place when creating. I start with photos sometimes but others I have a memory or a piece of memorabilia catches my eye and I need to get it in an album NOW! None of this is bad really it just explains why my room never seems to come together. I think I have it set up to function well but then I change *how* to work and it no longer functions well so I think I need to tweak it. But then it doesn't work well when I switch back to the first way I create... I hate being a gemini some days LOL

Without further ado here are the pictures for this week. I've concentrated on the area just inside the door up to the desk as I needed some order there so I could do the assignment for this week - creating a LO and writing down our process (hence the above revelation).

The view from the doorway. Not much has changed but I did finally put away the piles that were on the cart and desk. On the desk (not really visible) I have placed some small containers I had in drawers for the smaller stuff but I left the pieces on the desk so I moved them there temporarily for ease of clean up.

This is my wooden storage unit - I love having real unpainted wood around me - it has castors so is movable however it just sits here. I currently have it set up to hold my stamping stuff and card making items on one side the other is my altered projects and new kits etc to be filed away.

This is my Cropper Hopper paper cart and I must say I really like it. I usually have a cover on it and at the moment it has a piece of memorabilia I need to get picutres of (part of Reece's Christmas present - Thanks MISSY!). Behind is sits my Cropper Hopper photo boxes (2) and my Cropper Hopper embellishment boxes (one for ribbon and one for metal embellies)

I am getting excited for a dear friend to visit. She arrives on Thursday and I can't wait to catch up with her! Heather do NOT miss your plane...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Finally after much difficulty we have updated pictures...

Puppies are eating on their own and starting to show their personalities. Everyone got a 'formal' name (although some may changed) for their AKC registration so without further ado here they are. All names will be proceeded by the Ersehnen prefix...

Gun 4 Hire - boy

Grouse Ridge - boy

Grande Mocha - boy

Grand Gesture - boy

Grand Adventure - girl

Gr8 Expectations - boy

Good Vibrations - girl

Good To Go - girl

Gunning 4 You - boy

Get Your Gun - boy

Get It Done - boy

I am exhausted so am off to bed. I'll post the week 2 photos of my scrap room tomorrow as I ran into difficulty with maintaining my connection tonight.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Snow Day...

I'll be posting my week 2 room pictures this evening so check back in if you are following that. Also we need to retake all the puppy pictures as they appear to have been lost... Hope to do those after Reece goes to bed or in the morning after he's left for therapy.

I wish I could share all the pictures we took on Tuesday which Jay took as a Snow Day (actually roads were a sheet of ice day) and that you could hear the non stop laughter from Reece :)

The first couple of runs with me Reece really wasn't too sure about the whole thing but after that he would yell at us for taking to long to get going LOL It wasn't a big hill, it was lightly raining, there wasn't a ton of snow and the sleds left something to be desired but there was a ton of F-U-N!!!!!!! And the joy on our little boy's face and his laughter made the 30 mins of trying to find somewhere to sled so worth it :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Get Organized Be Inspired Update

Ok these photos are hard to share as they show how badly I've let the office/scraproom slide... But never the less here they are.

This is the view from the hall or as you exit the bathroom (yep the house is cozy)

This is the scrapbook/craft side and is directly opposite the door. I'm frugal (which is a nice way to say cheap) so I have repurposed an old entertainment center as my temporary desk top on this side. Some of it is also used as shelves in the closet. This is until I finish my class and have decided on a system - why waste $$ on something that likely wouldn't be what I truly needed?

The window wall is one long 'desk' which sits on storage cubes.

The peg board is on the wall to the right of the computer.

The closet-what can I say about the closet? It holds albums, office material, school stuff...and appears stable but I hold my breath everytime I need to get something from it.

These are actually retakes of my Day 1 photos as we still can't access them and there has been some cleaning already. Like my scrap desk is not under a pile of stuff waiting to be put away.

Anyway now you know why I am in the Get Organized Be Inspired class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It was functional and neat and now is the anti of both and not much work gets done in here at all.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Long long ago...

in a galaxy far far away I had order in my scrap space and have the pictures to prove it.

This picture is my old scrap desk set up before I moved across the hall to the smaller room.

This is the wall above my desk as it was then...

This is the great solid wood cart my DH insisited I get at Fred Meyer when it was 50% off the lowest marked price. It has some dings in it due to being a floor model but I wish I could have gotten at least one more.

I am posting these today as I have started the Get Organized Be Inspired class at Big Picture Scrapbooking (link on side bar) and my new space so does **NOT** look like this. I'll post those pictures if we can ever get them off the corrrupt card. If not I'll post the slightly improved ones from today as I have cleaned off my desk so I can do my assignments at it tomorrow. I'll be posting my progress here at least once a week for the accountability factor if nothing else.

Stay tuned for puppy pictures shortly as well (also on the stupid corrupt card) GRRRR!